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Radio Portfolio


"Corps of Discovery" Campaign

i had a blast putting a contemporary spin on the Lewis & Clark saga with my pal Elicia Putnam. Radio is the only medium where you can get away with something like this. Great sound design, as usual, from Tim Underwood.

The Discovery

Canoe Parking

Christmas Corp



"Parodies" Campaign

Rearranging a popular song with my parody lyrics is risky business. But Bad Animals in Seattle pulled it off for us with some great sound-alikes. This campaign won several awards for Ralston 360 (before it became Citrus, before it became HMH).

60 Ways





"Dr. Lauren" Campaign

Dr. Laura was a popular self-help talk show host syndicated all over the AM airwaves until she switched to Sirius a few years ago. Here, the erudite voice of Jane Monroe captured the Dr.'s cool reserve perfectly. The other characters were practically real as well.






"Real Stories" Campaign

During the real estate boom of the 2000s, every major network had a prime-time drama about a forensics expert. So I figured why couldn't there be one on the radio who was obsessed with making sure home shoppers weren't being taken in by false advertising and superlatives. Barry McCann was the perfect voice for our bumbling hero, Dirk Wingnut, indirectly named after my mother-in-law. Superb production by Tim Underwood.





This is an "home-age" to my mom and all the other mothers on Moana Drive who had to come up with clever ways to get us kids to come home for dinner when we were playing tag down the street. Mine had a huge bell installed outside the front door. You could hear it all the way over at the Fire Station.






One of my favorite creations ever because it comes from an unappreciated form of wordplay. And it features a stellar performance by one of my all-time favorite names in radio, Nurmi Husa.



Any writer who has had to fit a 20-second disclaimer into a 5-second tag knows where this idea came from. It would take only 10 minutes to get a script approved by the Marketing Director at Cellular One. But three days to get through Legal.

Daughter's Revenge


Bend Park & Recreation District


Has It All :60


"New Oregon Trail" Campaign

As the country was celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Oregon Trail, the time was ripe to twist history a bit and poke fun at some epic Hollywood movies. Bill Woodson's booming voice, made famous in the opening narrative of the The Odd Couple TV series in '70s, brought this campaign to life, along with some great Portland character actors, and an Elmer Bernstein-esque music track from Rex in Portland.

The Call



This spot is dedicated to my wife whose first career was in the travel business back in the days when we all didn't book vacations from our laptops. The client, of course, couldn't focus on just one San Diego attraction. So we had to weave in several. This was my one opportunity to work with the late great producer Jim Kirby, who provided his unmistakable voice.

Computer Travel



This is one of those spots that must've struck a chord, because the client would always bring it back year after year. The young voice talent, who had an interesting lisp when we recorded it, must've hated hearing it by the time he was in college.




My thanks to Kathy Valenti who gave me a chance to contribute to a fun campaign she started at Ralston 360. Again, radio is the only place where you could create a disaster movie featuring blades of grass under attack by an out-of-control sprinkler. Killer sound design courtesy of Tim Underwood.

Mindless Sprinkler



Grow Up