I believe it's a lot easier to grow up with a name like "Cameron" today than it was when I was a kid. My Spanish teacher always laughed when she said my name, because to her it meant "Shrimp." That's why I'm just "Cam."

I believe growing up on top of Point Loma in San Diego, halfway between the Naval Recruits on one side and the surfers on the other, has given me a balanced perspective on a lot of things. Maybe that's why I play tennis with both hands.

I believe breakfast cereals are much more interesting when they're mixed together.

I believe God created everything good. Although I'm not so sure about mosquitoes.

I believe an elevator ride with Stevie Nicks in 1980 is partly to blame for me becoming a copywriter. See my blog post (coming soon).

I believe I could've had my 15 minutes of fame on David Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks" with my Cocker Spaniel who liked to floss. Too late now.

I believe catching a pine cone as it falls from a Ponderosa will bring you seven years of good luck. On the other hand, having one land on your head is bad luck. I caught one on Easter Sunday once.

I believe I never snored in bed until about a year ago. I still never snore in business meetings.

I believe all of the world's problems could be solved if the leaders got together for an hour over a plate of Rubio's Fish Tacos. Half an hour if they had guacamole.