Hollywood actors. Star athletes. Animated characters. Real people. 500-lb gorillas. Jurassic Park-like dinosaurs. Maniacal directors. Stock footage. Home movies. You name it. I’ve worked with all of them and left on good terms. Even the gorilla.

Click on the thumbnails to experience nearly 30 years of story-telling. The first row of spots came from my earlier days in San Diego, where we had to "make do" with production budgets of around $20,000. The spots on the second row come from my agency days in Bend, where we would scrape together a few thousand here and there and turn in aluminum cans for good talent or original music. The third row of spots were produced with virtually no budget at all by the local TV stations. And below that are a variety of videos, most of which were shot by Bend's own Wahoo Films, who either hired me to write the scripts or I hired them to produce.