The Shops at the Old Mill

If you live in Bend or have visited in the past decade or so, you're undoubtedly familiar with the Old Mill District, the place on the river where we shop, dine, go to movies and concerts, walk our dogs, and enjoy a variety of unique events. I got to work on the introductory campaign that paid homage to the district's lumber mill past while hinting at its chic, appetizing and entertaining future. These outdoor boards and print ads said it all pretty succinctly. While the headline was quite simple, the real challenge for Art Director Lisa Morrisson and me was to come up with the right historical objects to contrast with the current ones. Check out how we carried it through on TV below.

Portland's Chel White did a masterful job with the animation on this campaign that demonstrated the transformation of Bend's Old Mill District from a historic lumber mill into the city's hub of shopping, dining and entertainment. Sound design was handled by the amazing Bill Scream.